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My FFVII save for PS3/PSP

This save has got it all.  All ultimate weapons, three sets of master materia, all materia mastered  (including Enemy Skills), three Mystile armors, and three Ribbons.  The best part is that Ruby and Emerald are still alive - what fun would it be if there were no 1,000,000 HP enemies to fight using the best equipment and materia in the game?  ANSWER ME!

Go into the menu, then select  'Config', and set  'Battle Speed'  as fast as it will go.

A good materia combination is  Restore+All.  Put these two materia in a weapon or armor that has linked slots that look like this:         O=O

With an All materia at level one, the linked materia will affect all targets once per battle; if the All materia is at level two, it will work twice per battle.  A mastered All materia will work an infinite number of times per battle.

As soon as you can buy Hypers, try to keep a lot of them at all times.  Use them through Item menu on your characters.  This will make their limit gauges fill up twice as quickly, but they will miss physical attacks slightly more than usual.

Aeris starts the game positioned in the back row.  Go into the menu, select  'Order', and move her into the front row.  The back row makes a character deal and receive half physical damage, but you want Aeris to take more damage, so that you can use her Healing limit break to do most of your HP recovery in order to save MP for your characters.  I like to give her the Cover materia as soon as I get it, so that she takes physical damage in place of the enemy's intended target sometimes.
All characters besides Vincent and Cait Sith  (see below for explanations of their limit breaks) can learn two Level 1 limit breaks, two Level 2 limit breaks, two Level 3 limit breaks, and one level 4 limit break.  Cloud's first level 1 LB is Braver.  In order for him to learn his second level 1 LB, Cross Slash, he must use Braver eight times.  For him to learn his first level 2 LB, Blade Beam, he must personally finish off about 80 enemies.  Use Blade Beam eight times to learn his second level 2 LB, Climhazzard.  The same principles apply to learn his level 3 LBs.  To learn a character's level 4 limit break, he/she must know all lower level LBs, and have a special item to be used on the character through the menu.

Vincent has only one LB for each of the four levels.  If you execute any of his LBs, you will lose control of him for the rest of the battle, unless he gets KOd  (never happen!).  Once Vincent has transformed, he will choose one of two attacks to perform each time it's his turn.

Cait Sith has only two LB - level 1 Dice, and level 2 Slots.  I recommend against using Slots, because if you get two Cait Siths + one BAR, it's game over.

You can switch materia between characters in the Materia menu.  Select  'Exchange' - you can switch all materia by selecting two characters' names consecutively, or you can switch weapon to weapon, and armor to armor.

Sometimes you need to know the name of one of the enemies you're fighting.  Select  'Attack'  and move the cursor to the enemy.  Press SELECT, and the name will pop up on the screen.

After the cutscene with Tifa, go to the weapon shop, and head upstairs to find an  'All'  materia, and an ether.  Ethers sell for 750 gil.

To the right of her house is the  'Cover'  materia.  To sneak out of her house, you must WALK next to the banister, or you'll be caught and sent back to your room!

Run all the way up north to meet a guard, who says Cloud is not allowed inside.  Run back all the way south near the entrance, then all the way right to a club, where there's a guy outside that you can talk to.  Ask him about Tifa.  Head back up north for a CS with Aeris.  Go to the dress shop, the bar, and the dress shop again.  Go to the gym, win the wig, then back to the dress shop.  Head up north, and the guard will let Cloud and Aeris in.

Don't miss the  'Steal'  materia on the ground near the boss fight.

Give Tifa the Steal materia, because she has the highest DEX rating.  Steal Ethers from Deenglows, as this is the best way to make gil at this point.  At the top right of this area, west of where you move the trains, steal a Striking Staff for Aeris from an enemy called Eligor.  She'll hit as hard as Cloud does with his Buster Sword.

Reno uses a Pyramid spell that disables a character.  If he's able to get all three characters disabled, it's game over.  To remove a pyramid, do a physical attack on the character that's trapped.

After Barret and Tifa meet up with you, run back to the playground to grab the  'Sense'  materia.


Go to the weapon shop, and buy the Batteries for 300 gil from the guy on the left.  Go up north, until you see some people running to the right, then follow them.

Barge right in, then go to the second floor item shop, and walk over to the arcade machine.  One cylinder motor, nice.  Go up the elevator.  On floor 61, talk to someone walking in the lower part of the floor and answer with  '..........'  to get keycard 62.

Steal Carbon Bangles from Moth Slashers, and one Hardedge for Cloud from  SOLDIER: 3rd.  Move up to floor 68 for a boss fight.  Grab the  'Enemy Skill'  materia.

Make sure you equip your party with materia before this game, because there's a boss fight immediately afterwards.

East of Midgar, and southwest of Kalm, find an enemy called Custom Sweeper.  Steal Atomic Scissors for Barret, and make sure you learn the enemy skill Matra Magic before you attack these guys.

Go into Tifa's house, and up to her room.  Go to the piano, and say,  'Yeah, I jammed on it.'  The song goes:

R1 + Triangle
R1 + Square
R1 + X

Sell your ethers at Kalm, buy some weapons, stock up on lots of Tents if you want to learn new limit breaks soon.  Save at least 3000 gil.

In the area between Kalm and the ranch, you can encounter some squirrels that will teach you Lvl 4 Suicide.  Just make sure none of your characters have a level that is a multiple of four.  Enter the ranch, and walk up to the chocobo on the left side of the pen.  Try to talk to him, and respond with the exact same word that he used to get the Choco Mog materia.  Buy the Chocobo Lure materia in the barn on the right, and some Curiel greens.  Head outside and run over the chocobo tracks.  Giving a chocobo curiel greens makes him stay for 5 turns.  Kill the enemies that are with the chocobo, but do not attack the chocobo.  It will run away if you hit it.  Ride the chocobo across the swamp to the little patch of grass on the west side, avoiding the Midgar Zolom serpent.  You'll be coming back to learn a great enemy skill  (Beta)  from him after you've leveled up enough to have over 1500 HP.

This is a great spot to learn new limit breaks.  Equip a character with the Enemy Skill materia, and use Matra Magic to get the character as many kills as possible.  Also in this area, on the right, is an enemy called Ark Dragon, which you can learn the enemy skill Flame Thrower.  Climb up the vines at the bottom of the stairs for the Long Range materia.  Steal a Grand Glove for Tifa from Madouge.  I like to stay here until everyone knows all six of their level 1-3 limit breaks, including Yuffie.  This takes many hours, and it's boring work - but if you do this, you'll have about 300,000 gil, and Cloud will be at least level 40.  The great thing about leveling in this game is that the characters not in your party will receive half of the amount of experience points that your in-party characters are getting, including characters you haven't met yet.

Enter any of the forest areas here to the west of the Mythril Mines, and you have a chance to fight Yuffie.  Beat her, then a CS.  Do not go towards the save point.  Walk up to her and answer:

Not interested
Wait a second!
That's right
Let's hurry on

Poison the boss ASAP.  You'll know that the spell stuck when the boss starts glowing green.  When you're doing the mini-game in front of Rufus, make sure you get a score between 60 and 90.  This will get you an HP-Plus materia.

Make sure you buy some Softs here, 20 should do it.

Head over to the Wonder Square, then the Battle Square.

Equip Barret with HP Plus, and Restore.  He's got a solo boss fight soon.  Go to the very north area, and you will see a guy walking around the desert.  Head through the gap in the fence by this guy, and run straight right, until you enter a junkyard.  Do not exit the junkyard to the north until you learn the enemy skill Laser from Death Claw.  If you didn't do a lot of leveling in the Mythril Mines, then equip only the materia I've recommended, as additional materia will lower his HP.  Make sure you've got Barret in Fury status by using a Hyper, cure as needed, and only attack with a limit break.  Dyne likes to take 2 turns for every one that you get, but he's only got 1200 HP.

Before the race starts, you will meet a jockey named Joe.  After that, be sure to pick up the Ramuh materia on the ground.  When the race starts, you will see  'Automatic Sequence'  on the screen.  Hit SELECT, to change to manual.  Hold down R1+R2+Circle; this will speed up while regenerating stamina.  When your stamina gets low, release Circle.

Ride around the desert surrounding the Golden Saucer to fight Harpy, which will teach you Aqualung.  Make sure to keep your HP up during this fight.  Take the buggy to a beach in this area to learn Big Guard from Beachplug.  This casts Barrier, MBarrier, and Haste on your party.  Bring the buggy back to Costa del Sol, and go back to Junon.  Use the Manipulate materia you got from Cait Sith to force Zemzelett to teach you White Wind.  Go back through the Mythril Mines, and learn some limit breaks.  Sometimes I camp here using tents as necessary until Cloud is level 40.  If you have a character that has over 1500 HP, SAVE YOUR GAME, and equip him/her with the Enemy Skill materia, and exit the mine by the swamp to fight that serpent in the swamp, Midgar Zolom.  Keep your HP up, and knock his HP down, checking it with Sense.  When he's down real low, he will teach you Beta, but it will hit for about 1200.  Make sure you kill him afterwards, because if you run away, you don't get the enemy skill.

This place is south of the Golden Saucer, below the river.  You'll meet up with Reno and Rude, then take the path leading up and to the right.  Grab the Titan materia.  Head back, and take the other path to reach the town, which has some shops.  Exit the town and take the left path to find the Deathblow materia.

You can buy HP Plus materia here for 8000 gil in the shop on the left side of this area.

This is one of those areas that you can only visit once.  Head to the right and enter a cave to break a rock.  If it's the correct one, a door will open.  Enter.  WALK over the oil slick, and then go south to exit and find the Added Effect materia.  You can learn Death Sentence from the big cats in here.  The very north part of this area has five holes.  Take the second one from the right to get an X-Potion.  Take the second tunnel from the left for a boss fight.  If you want, you can one-shot him with the X-Potion, because he is undead.  When you leave Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII gets the Seraph Comb, which makes him your best damage dealer for some time to come.

Go back to Tifa's house, and play the piano exactly as you did during the flashback at Kalm.  Go into the Shinra mansion, to the second floor, and over to the right.  Some very rare enemies called Jersey can teach you the enemy skill ????.  If you spent a LOT of time unlocking limit breaks in the Mythril Mine, you should be able to get Vincent now.  On the second floor over to the left, there is a safe.  You have to enter the combination 36 10 59 97 very quickly, and without going past any of the numbers.  If you beat the boss, you get an Odin materia, Red XIII's level 4 limit break Cosmo Memory, and  Key to the Basement.  The entrance to the basement is on the second floor to the right.  You'll find Vincent in a coffin, and he will join after you've talked to him enough, and you try to leave.  Go into the library down here to meet up with Sephiroth.  Pick up the Destruct materia.

When you get to the area with the numbered chutes, head down #4 to get an All materia.  Save your game down here, and prepare for the fight with the Materia Keeper.  During the fight, try to keep Big Guard going, while healing yourself.  You don't want to kill him until he teaches you Trine.  After you learn that, pound him and pick up the Counter materia.

The materia shop here sells Barrier, which is very useful.

If you've spent a lot of time leveling, you can do a string of solo boss fights with Yuffie, but you have to find her first, and get your stuff back.  Once you enter the town of Wutai, head north until the screen changes, and you see a huge pagoda way in the back.  Enter the house on the right near the entrance, and find an older man sleeping - talk to him for a cutscene with Yuffie.  Go back to the first area, and enter the item shop next to the save point, and open up the chest for an MP absorb materia that you'll have for about half a second.  Go into the house that's right next to the town entrance, and check the folded screen to find Yuffie again.  Go near the pub to find a large pot to trigger a cutscene.  Go back to the northern area with the pagoda, and ring the bell to the left of the entrance, then enter the new door for another cutscene - it's time for a boss fight north of the save point in town.  For now, exit out to the world map, get Aeris into your party, and set her limit break to level 1.  Get into a few fights, and charge everyone's limit breaks fully.

If you're low level, you want Cloud, Aeris and Barret.  If you're higher level, and Cloud knows Meteorain, it doesn't matter who your other characters are - they won't have a chance to attack.  For a low level party, start out with Aeris' Seal Evil LB, followed by Barret's Mindblow.  Seal Evil stops the boss from acting, and Mindblow steals 300 MP, which prevents Rapps from casting his deadly Aero spell, which will hit a single character for 1500.  Use Cloud's limit break, then follow up with physical attacks from all three - hopefully Rapps is dead before Seal Evil wears off.

After the fight, you get dumped out to the world map.  Re-enter the town, and head straight north to a small house with cats in it.  Go up the stairs and grab the HP Absorb materia.  Head over to the weapon shop - there are nice weapons for everybody.

If Yuffie is level 25 or so, you can do her solo boss fights now.  Head over to that pagoda in the northern area.  Give her all three HP Plus materia, Enemy Skills, Restore, and Bio.  General tactics for the fights include keeping Big Guard up, getting Poison to  'stick'  on the enemy, and using Enemy Skills like Beta, Aqualung, or Trine.  Replenish Yuffie's MP in between fights.  Laser is a good skill to use on the last fight with Yuffie's father, Godo.  Beating Godo gives you All Creation, which is Yuffie's level 4 limit break, and the Leviathan summon materia.

Exit the town, and use the Manipulate materia to learn Magic Hammer from the Razor Weed enemies in the grassy areas, and Death Force from the Adamantaimai turtles on the beach areas.  Death Force grants a character immunity from Sudden Death spells for the remainder of the battle.

Head over to the Battle Square to trigger an event.

This area is located south of the continent that Junon is on, on a horizontal strip island.  When Aeris goes to the pool to talk to the Ancients, pick up the Morph materia.  In the clock room, always move the clock manually to control what area you go to next.  The hallway at 4 has Aeris' best weapon, the Princess Guard.  DO NOT MISS the Ribbon at 5 - it is the best accessory in the game, as it will prevent all negative status effects from hitting you.  Grab the megalixir at 8 if you feel like it, then go to 6 to proceed with the game.  There are two boss fights in the temple.

Red Dragon isn't too hard, and he drops a nice armor, the Dragon Armlet.  You also get the Bahamut materia.  Equip this on someone immediately, and prepare for the next fight.

Demons Gate is a bit harder, so keep Big Guard up, and use White Wind to heal up.  Summon Bahamut to start off the fight, use your limit breaks when they come up, and be quick with the Phoenix Downs.  After the win, there will be some cutscenes, then you wake up in Gongaga.

Take the Tiny Bronco all the way west through the river that's below the Gold Saucer desert area.  When you reach the western part of this continent, head all the way north, then east.  You will be able to go to a new area, the northern continent.  Enter the Bone Village, get the Lunar Harp, and proceed to the next area, the Sleeping Forest.  In order to pick up the Kjata summon materia, you'll have to be semi-psychic and move to where you think it's going to be before it goes there.  In the next screen, pick up the Water Ring from a chest.  You'll need this accessory for a boss fight very soon.  Whoever wears the Water Ring will survive the fight, the other two party members will not.  Continue on, and head out to the world map.

Enter, and go right at the intersection.  Head to the second house, and take a nap.  When you wake up, go back to the intersection, and go straight north.  Enter the house, and pick up the Comet materia at the top.  Head down the blue stairs, save your game, and MAKE SURE someone has the Water Ring on.  The boss fight will end disc one - use the PS button to change discs.