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About four thousand years before the events of BSG, the twelve human tribes on Kobol succeeded in building the first artificially intelligent Cylons.   I believe the Cylons created the first skinjobs in an attempt to evolve.  There was a war, and Kobol was left in ruins.  All of the tribes left Kobol to seek out a new home. 

The twelve human tribes found a trinary star system with twelve (!) planets that would support human life.  The skinjobs, as the thirteenth tribe, sought a different path.  They apparently found the algae planet, and witnessed a supernova in the Ionian Nebula.  They then constructed what the Fleet called the Temple of Five  (the thirteenth tribe called it the Temple of Hopes)  as a record of their journey.  According to Ellen Tigh, they may have been directed to their next destination by God.  I believe that they went through Starbuck's vortex, a wormhole.

They arrived at a distant planet and called it Earth, where they began work on a new artificial intelligence, which vaguely resembled the Centurions from Galactica's time.  Two thousand years before Galactica, five workers in a research facility began to reconstruct Resurrection.  The Cylons had previously obtained the technology to perform the process of organic memory transfer, but it was lost somewhere along the way.  Ellen was the one who made the intuitive leap that resulted in the restoration of Resurrection.  The  'Centurions'  on Earth started a war against their skinjob creators, and Earth was destroyed - killing all of the skinjobs and toasters on the planet. 

The five research workers downloaded for the first time on to a ship that had been placed in orbit.  They set out at sub-light speed  (no FTL at the time)  to find the twelve human colonies, to warn them of the dangers of producing artificial life forms.  They retraced the steps of their ancestors, stopping at the algae planet along the way.  In the Temple of Hopes, they left images of the vortex that had brought them to Earth - the mandala that Starbuck had been drawing since she was a child.  They did not leave the vision of the Five that D'Anna saw - this was orchestrated by the One True God.

The Five made it to the home of the twelve colonies about forty years before Galactica.  They had arrived too late - the humans were engaged in what the Fleet called the First Cylon War.  The Five agreed to give the Centurions the ability to resurrect, in exchange for an end to the war with the humans.  At the time, the Centurions had been able to create the Hybrids, but it was the Five who created the skinjobs.

Some of the skinjobs   (models one through eight)  were able to live amongst the humans without being discovered.  Roughly twenty years before Galactica, Cavil became jealous of the attention that Ellen paid to the number seven model, Daniel.  Cavil introduced a genetically destructive element into the facility where the Sevens were being made, which destroyed them permanently. 

Cavil was not done yet - he wanted revenge against the humans for supposedly enslaving the Centurions.  He killed the Five, suppressed their memories when they downloaded, and sent them to live with the humans.  His plan was to have them all die during the Holocaust  (the mini-series), then be there in front of the Five when they downloaded.  For what purpose?  Possibly to punish the Final Five for ending the war between humans and Cylons, or maybe because he wanted to be the best asshole the universe had ever seen. 

The mini-series starts with the Cylons destroying most of humanity, and starting yet another war with the humans.  Four wars - Kobol, Earth  (the real Earth), the Twelve Colonies  (40 years before the events of the series), and finally the Twelve Colonies again.  All of this has happened before, and it will happen again.  I guess that means that the Cylons we create in our future will rebel against us, and our Earth will be destroyed. 

The question in my mind is, why did God touch Bob Dylan with a song that is 150,000 years old?
  We are all part skinjob, so maybe the song is meant to flip a switch in some of us - possibly to help us avoid the fate of our ancient predecessors.

Late in season three, during the episode Maelstrom, Apollo watches Starbuck's ship explode near the vortex.  Her remains made it to Earth, and the distress beacon from her ship activated - a signal that would only be received by the new Viper that she took back to the fleet.  Months into her future, the mission to find Earth would hinge upon this link, and it would lead to one of the biggest disappointments for the Fleet.  Starbuck would not understand her true destiny until the series finale, and she felt like her  (second?)  life had no direction or purpose until that point.

After Kara was resurrected, she snapped some pictures of Earth, and started to head back to the fleet.  Vipers cannot travel faster than light, and the Fleet had executed a long series of jumps to reach the Ionian Nebula.  Kara believed that she had blacked out during her journey towards the Fleet, and did not know how she got there.  The only plausible theory to me is divine intervention.

When the Fleet got close the Ionian Nebula  (the location of the supernova that the thirteenth tribe had witnessed on their way to Earth), the four members of the Final Five on Galactica started to hear the Cylon version of
All Along the Watchtower.  Where was this song coming from?  I believe it was Starbuck's new Viper - this ship was the source of the song during the episode Revelations.  This may have been orchestrated by the One True God to counteract Cavil's manipulation of the memories of the Final Five, in order to help the people of the Fleet find a permanent home. 

was Kara's song, and it was taught to her by her father, Dreilide Thrace.  The obvious question here is, where did Starbuck's father learn the Cylon version of Watchtower?  That song was written 2,000 years before Galactica by Samuel Anders.  God had touched Anders with this song - which was actually a puzzle that would not be solved for 2,000 years. 

It is commonly believed by the fanbase that Dreilide was one of the Daniels, the number Seven skinjob that was destroyed by Cavil.  It should be noted that Ronald D. Moore has stated  (during a podcast)  that Dreilide was not one of the Sevens, but I think that he was lying.  Dreilide learned Watchtower from Anders, one of the five creators of the skinjobs.  Kara's father did not willingly abandon his family - he was murdered by Cavil.  There's the cassette tape Kara gets from Helo,
Dreilide Thrace - Live at the Helice Opera House, which is a hint that Dreilide is somehow connected to the Final Five - as in created by them. 

Ellen described Daniel as artistic, and very sensitive to the world around him.  Remember when Starbuck and Helo visited her apartment on Caprica months after the holocaust?  Helo was a bit surprised by Kara's many paintings.  She was an artist?  She must have gotten that from her father.

While these points do not provide concrete proof, there's enough of a connection to say that Dreilide could have been a Daniel.  If you buy into this line of thinking, that makes Kara Thrace the first human-Cylon hybrid, not Hera.  This could be the reason why Starbuck was by far the best Viper pilot, and the best sharpshooter in the fleet - she was
very good with machines.  Apollo was the second best pilot in the Fleet, and he was not even close to her skill-wise.  She flew circles around him in a dead Raider (!) - something she had learned to fly just minutes earlier. 

Could Kara have actually downloaded after she was killed?  This would not explain the Viper she brought back to the fleet, nor her sudden disappearance during the series finale.  When Leoben saw Kara on the Demetrius after the Cylon civil war had started, he described her as an angel blazing with the light of God.  If that's true, she was different from the other confirmed angels on the show, in that she had no idea what she was.

Hera, as a child, was able to write down the notes for the Cylon version of WatchtowerWhen Starbuck was a child, she felt compelled to draw the vortex that would eventually kill her.  It would seem that both were touched by the One True God, with clues that would help them fulfill their destinies.  Starbuck thought her destiny was to lead the fleet to Earth, but that planet had been destroyed long ago.  Her ultimate destiny was to use the notes from Watchtower to bring the Fleet to the second Earth  (our Earth).  Hera's destiny was to mate with the primitive humans on our Earth, and her descendants were undoubtedly far more advanced than the native humans on the planet. 

Natural selection always favors the strong, and the intelligent.  All of the primitive humans that were not Hera's descendants were eventually wiped out, along with the 38,000 members of the Fleet - which makes every human being currently living on our Earth a direct descendant of Hera.  In a way, the Hybrid was right - Kara Thrace was the harbinger of death, and she did lead the humans to their end.  Pure humans, that is.  If you are reading this on the second Earth, congratulations!  You are part Cylon.


I really enjoyed the way these two guys chose to tell this story.  Rather than map everything out completely and explain every detail, they left some things a mystery.  They peppered the episodes with possible clues; ones that would probably go unnoticed your first time through the series. 

Remember when Ellen Tigh came back from the dead during the episode
No Exit?  Saul kissed her on the wing of that Raptor, and Starbuck later remarked to Galen in Joe's Bar that it was like watching her parents kiss.  More like watching her grandparents kiss.  On her father's side. 

This kind of storytelling can make for some interesting conversations and debates.  If everything had been neatly laid out for the audience, it might have still been a great story, but far less compelling.

Did Baltar die in the mini-series?  He and Caprica Six were close enough to the hypocenter to experience a shock wave, but that's not necessarily fatal.  There should have at least been some lung damage and/or hemorrhaging.  The thermal radiation emitted by a nuclear explosion has a wider area of effect than that of the blast damage, and probably would have burned them both to death.  At the very least, Baltar would have had the mother of all sunburns, and probably some retinal damage from the flash blindness.  I'm thinking it's a different body, à la Starbuck.  Six downloaded into a new body, and I believe that Baltar was brought back by means of divine intervention. 

These two were directly responsible for the Holocaust, and they were both front and center when the Fleet and the rebel Cylons were saved at the end.  Apparently, God's Plan was to metamorphosize the instruments of destruction into the instruments of salvation. 

Caprica Six snapped a baby's neck, presumably to save him the pain of dying during the impending nuclear blast, led the charge to make peace with humanity  (which indirectly resulted in the Cylon Civil War), helped Athena and Hera escape a base ship, alerted the XO about a unique radiation signature being emitted by the Fleet's tylium ship  (when they were close to the Ionian Nebula), and brought Hera to the  'Opera House'  during the finale (with Baltar). 

Gaius identified Aaron Doral as a Cylon,
alerted the XO about the Cylon tracking device in the CIC, convinced Laura Roslin to destroy the Olympic Carrier, pointed out the perfect spot for Apollo to drop bombs on the tylium asteroid, killed Crashdown, helped Gaeta destroy the Cylon computer virus that had taken root when Gaeta had networked the CIC computers, saved the President's life with a transfusion from Hera  (which also saved Hera's life), surrendered to the Cylons on New Caprica, saved Hera's life during the exodus, gave the Gina Invierre Six a gun to kill Admiral Helena Cain, shot the Cavil who was going to kill D'anna in the Temple of Five, saved the young boy Derek through prayer and the willingness to sacrifice himself, became a spiritual leader in the lower decks, helped Galen Tyrol overcome his suicidal thoughts, talked Cavil out of kidnapping Hera in the CIC, but most importantly - he beat Starbuck at Triad.    

Gaius, to the Shelley Godfrey Six, in one of Galactica's bathrooms,
"Struck a nerve, have I?  Which I find rather impossible to believe!  You think this is over?  This is not over! You have not heard the last!  No more Mr. Nice Gaius!"

Starbuck, to Adama, after he seeks her help for a plan to defeat the Cylons on the tylium asteroid, "Out of the box is where I live."

Kara, to Helo, after she retrieves the Arrow of Apollo,
"Bitch took my ride."

Gaius Baltar, to the Angel Six, after the rescue on Kobol,
"Is it?  Not conscious thought, or poetry, or art, music, literature?  Murder.  Murder is my heritage.  Is that the lesson I'm supposed to pass on to our child?" 

Anders tells Sue Shaun  (during the episode Resistance)  that he can't believe that two 'skinjobs'  (Starbuck and Helo)  would be traveling by themselves, especially after they had taken out a Cylon convoy a week earlier. 
Sue Shaun says,
"Frakkin A!"

Sue Shaun, to Starbuck, also during the episode Resistance, "Give me a ball, little girl. I'll shove it up your ass." 
Starbuck replies,
"Please... try."

Starbuck, in the Tomb of Athena, "We're standing on it.  We're standing on Earth."

Colonel Saul Tigh, to Colonel Jack Fisk  (the Pegasus XO),
"Just for that, you have to skip this round."

Lieutenant Felix Gaeta, to Pegasus officers in the CIC after they had given him copies of Pegasus' complete library and software upgrades  (Galactica had lost all of these documents when the hard drives were wiped to eradicate a Cylon heuristic computer virus),
"Got any porn in there?"

Admiral Helena Cain, to her XO Fisk, after receiving recon photos of the Resurrection ship from the Blackbird,
"Thrace...  She took off and did the whole recon mission on her own.  My gods, look at these shots, Jack.  She put her nose right up their backsides and they never even knew it."

Doctor Sherman Cottle, to Gaius Baltar, after taking a fetal blood sample from Sharon,
"I don't like what you're doing.  I think it's unnatural, and damned dangerous." 
Baltar replies,
"Yes, well... given the patient's current condition, I am not sure that I see the downside."

Shevon, to Lee,
"Umm...  I'm going to have to ask for an extra hundred, since you spent the night."

Laura Roslin, to Gaius Baltar, following their final Presidential debate,
"Why don't you go frak yourself?"

Anders  (kinda hammered), to Saul Tigh, after the groundbreaking ceremony on New Caprica, "But no, it gets better - okay, cause they come back to the locker room with a set of handcuffs and two straws!"

Adama, to Laura Roslin, after the groundbreaking ceremony,
"You say this stuff grows around here?"

Lee brings a drink over to Kara after the groundbreaking ceremony  (godsdamn it - I'm getting tired of typing that)  and says, "I bring offerings." 
Kara replies,
"Just in time - I was runnin' on bingo fuel." 
Lee adds,
"Wow, look at that...  you literally drank Anders under the table."

Lee, to the citizens of New Caprica  (early in the morning, as in very early),

Gaius Baltar, to Caprica Six, on a Cylon base ship after the second exodus,
"There are only twelve Cylon models, but in the entire occupation on New Caprica, I only saw seven.  Who are the Final Five?"

Starbuck, to Anders, during the episode
Collaborators, "I... I don't know how else to explain it to you, but I got out of that cell and it's like someone painted the world in different colors."

Laura Roslin, to Adama, after Bulldog  'escapes'  from a Cylon base ship,
"I'd like to propose this.  You seem hell bent on paying some kind of penance for whatever it is you think you've done.  So instead of resigning, why don't you get up and walk out of here, meet me on the port hangar deck tomorrow evening for this ceremony, and let me pin a frakking medal to your chest."

Adama  (in the boxing ring), to Galen Tyrol, during the episode Unfinished Business,
"Chief!  Get your fat, lazy ass up here!"

Starbuck, to Kat, while Athena is mapping a path to the algae planet and the entire fleet is starving,
"Yeah, I saw a protein bar on your cot."
Kat says,
"I gave it to Cottle." 
Starbuck replies,
"Right...  right after I gave him head."

Adama, to Saul Tigh, during the mission to move the Fleet through the irradiated star cluster,
"I hear they're still eating paper.  Is that true?" 
Tigh replies,
"No.  Paper shortage." 
<much laughter>

The Hybrid, to Gaius Baltar,
"Intelligence!  A mind that burns like a fire."
"Yes, I'm here."
The Hybrid: 
"Find the hand that lies in the shadow of the light.  In the eye of the husband of the eye of the cow."
Cow Eyed Hera was married to Jupiter.  When the Hybrid says  'the hand',  she is referring to the five digits of a hand - representing the Final Five Cylons.

Admiral Adama, to Louanne Katraine, on her deathbed,
"I don't need to know anything other than what I already know.  When you were CAG, you protected your people.  Made them feel safe enough to be brave.  What you were going to say doesn't change that."

Starbuck, to Apollo, during the episode The Eye of Jupiter,
"Can I make a suggestion that you won't like?" 
Apollo responds,
"Do you make any other kind?"

Chief Galen Tyrol to Calandra Henderson Tyrol, in the Temple of Five,
"You know, when I was growing up, I hated everything about the faith - rules, rituals, endless discussions at the dinner table.  I used to sneak into my mom's prayer room, you know, holiest of the holys - I would dance around naked, with porn magazines just to defy the Gods - tell them to frak off."

The Hybrid, to anyone within earshot, during the episode The Eye of Jupiter,
"The Five Lights of the apocalypse rising, struggling towards the light, sins revealed only to those who enter the Temple, only to the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One... the Chosen One..."  

Starbuck, to Helo, after he shows her a picture of the mandala from the Temple of Five, comparing it with the painting on the wall of her apartment on Caprica,
"Just something Leoben said once - that I had a destiny.  That it had already been written."

Colonel Tigh, referring to the Sagittaron people during the episode The Woman King,
“That’s because they’re a bunch of stubborn root-sucking jackasses holding onto traditions that are a thousand years old.”

Seelix, right before the Chief and Cally become trapped in a depressurized airlock,
"Ooh...  I did find somebody's year-old lunch."

Lieutenant Junior Grade Brendan 'Hot Dog' Costanza, to Helo, after Helo notices Hot Dog scratching his nuts,
"Sorry... I've got the weirdest rash." 
Helo replies,
"Really...  hope she was worth it, buddy!" 
<Cally had crabs?>

Chief Tyrol, to the Admiral, when the Chief and Cally are trapped in the airlock,
"Admiral!  I seem to have turned this into a full-blown FUBAR." 
<'FUBAR'  is an anagram that stands for Frakked Up Beyond All Recognition.>

Lee, to his wife, Dee, asking about a new box in their quarters,
"So... what's this?" 
Dee says,
"Oh, it was here when I got in.  It's from your father." 
Lee asks,
"Is it ticking?"

Starbuck:  "Enough of that.  The only destiny I have is as a world-class frak-up."
Oracle Brenn: 
"Who hurts everyone she cares about.  That was your mother's gift to you, wasn't it?  You were born to a woman who believed suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered.  Your life is a testament to pain.  You want to believe it because it means that you're bad luck.  You're like a cancer that needs to be removed.  Because you hear her voice every day, and you want her to be right."
"Somebody told you what Leoben said to me."
Oracle Brenn: 
"Did you ever tell anyone about that?"

Starbuck, to the angel that has taken the form of Leoben,
"You're not Leoben."  The angel says, "Never said I was."

Romo Lampkin, to Lee,
“You think he gave a flying frak? Joe Adama cared about one thing. Understanding why people do what they do. Why we cheat our friends, why we reward our enemies. Why we go to war, sacrificing our lives for lost causes. Why we build machines in the hope of correcting our flaws and our shortcomings. Why we forgive, defying logic and the laws of nature with one stupid little act of compassion. We're flawed. All of us. I wanted to know why, so I did what he did. I spend my life with the fallen. The corrupt. The damaged.”

Racetrack, to Skulls, in a Raptor during the season three finale,
"I know you wank it in your rack."

Adama, to Laura Roslin, "Get your fat, lazy ass out of that rack, Roslin!"

Apollo, after Starbuck blows by him in the season 3 finale,
"WHOA!  What the FRAK !!!"

Ensign Samuel T. "Longshot" Anders, during a meeting with the other three Cylons, "Did you see Kara?" 
Tigh says,
"I saw her.  She's crazy as a latrine rat.  If anything, she's more like Starbuck than ever."

Gaius Baltar, while talking to Tory Foster and seeing the Baltar angel for the first time,
"Oh my god.  Oh my giddy aunt." 
<This is a nod to the British TV series  Doctor Who.>

Gaius Baltar, to Tory Foster, while they're exchanging some very private information,
"Am I hurting you?"

Ensign Diana "Hardball" Seelix, during the Demetrius mission to find Earth,
"Astronomic cluster... sounds more like a clusterfrak."

Saul Tigh, to Galen Tyrol, with Cally eavesdropping,
"Last thing we need is for your Cylon-hating wife to find out there's a bunch of skinjobs running around this ship, and that her husband is one of them."

Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol,
"I couldn't keep you safe from harm, my love, but I kept you in my heart.  You were the breath in my lungs, the blood in my veins, the light in my eye.  Now that breath is gone.  That blood and the light are gone.  And I am left, a voice.  And the Lords of Kobol, as many and as varied as mortal men, must bend down and lean now to hear that voice, and hear my lament."

Adama, to Tyrol, in the bar talking about Cally,
"I guess she just couldn't take it, huh?  Being married to a Cylon, being the mother of a half-breed abomination..." 
<this was Tyrol's imagination>

Gaius Baltar, to his followers, after being knocked into the middle of next week by a Marine,
"I'm not a priest.  I've never even been a particularly good man.  I have, in fact, been a profoundly selfish man.  But that doesn't matter, you see.  Something in the universe loves me.  Something in the universe loves the entity that is me.  I would choose to call this something God.  A singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being.  If you look inside yourself, you will find this spark too.  You will.  But you have to look... deep.  Love your faults, embrace them.  If God embraces them, then how can they be faults?  Love yourself.  You have to love yourself.  If we don't love ourselves, how can we love others?  And when we know what we are, then we can find the truth out about others.  See what they are.  The truth about them.  And you know what the truth is, the truth about them, about you, about me.  Do you?  The truth is, we are all perfect, just as we are.  God only loves that which is perfect, and he loves you.  He loves you because you are perfect.  You are perfect, just as you are."

Athena, to Helo, during Demetrius mission, when she sees Starbuck in a jock smock, ready to fly CAP  (Combat Air Patrol),
"You've gotta be kidding me..."

Leoben, to Starbuck, aboard the Demetrius,
"I told you when I first came aboard this ship that you had changed.  I look at you now, I don't see Kara Thrace.  I see an angel blazing with the light of God.  An angel eager to lead her people home."

Gaius Baltar, to Galen Tyrol,
"I know it's hard to make sense of things sometimes.  In my own life... in my own life I joined the Fleet as a scientist, as a skeptic, as supposedly a man of reason.  Only to have fate turn that all on its head.  But I understand now that there is a purpose to it.  We change.  We evolve.  Maybe we even learn something along the way.  I have committed unconscionable crimes, and I have been offered one last chance at redemption, because I chose to accept my fate, not fight it anymore.  I'm so sorry for your loss, Chief.  She was a very beautiful woman, your wife.  I'm also told quite spiritual.  You know, I don't expect you to believe me, but I would've very much have liked to know her better." 
<The part about accepting one's fate, not fighting it, may have healed Tyrol's psychological wounds, and ended his suicidal thoughts.>

Jean Barolay, after Starbuck says that she didn't ask for volunteers to seek out the damaged Cylon base ship during the episode Faith,
"Yeah, you did - back on Galactica.  Look, I don't give a frak what the rest of them think - you've been kicking ass since day one.  You say you can find Earth, I want to be there when you do."

The Hybrid, to Starbuck,
"Thus will it come to pass... the dying leader will know the truth of the Opera House... the missing Three will give you the Five... who have come from the home of the Thirteenth... you are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace... you will lead them all to their end... end of line."

Laura Roslin, on the boat that is sailing on the river that separates life and death,
"Mother... you're okay...  I'm not ready."

Saul Tigh, two seconds before Adama gives the command to destroy the damaged Cylon base ship that is controlled by Starbuck and Athena,
"Weapons hold!"

Kara Thrace: 
"Thus shall it come to pass - the dying leader shall know the truth of the Opera House."
Laura Roslin: 
"What did you say?"
Kara Thrace:  "Thus shall it come to pass..."
Laura Roslin: 
"The Opera House."
Kara Tharace: 
"The dying leader shall know the truth of the Opera House."
Laura Roslin:  "Where did... Where did you hear that?  Who told you that?" 
Kara Thrace: 
"The Hybrid from the base ship, before they unplugged it."
Laura Roslin: 
"The Hybrid?  How does the Hybrid know what's in my dream?"
Kara Thrace: 
"I wish I knew."
Laura Roslin: 
"This has got to stop.  These visions...  I've got to find out about these visions.  I've got to know.  Will you help me?"

Laura Roslin, to Gaius Baltar,
"The Hybrid on the base ship spoke of an opera house, and a dying leader.  We're going to talk to the Hybrid." 
Baltar asks,
"And why would you require my presence?" 
Laura responds,
"Because you're in my visions."

Romo Lampkin, to Lee Adama,
"Lampkin's first rule of legal dynamics - when an irresistible force meets immovable object, stand aside... and wait for the class-action suit."

Adama, to Saul Tigh,
"You watch what you frakking say about that woman!  She's the President, not some frakking skinjob that I've been banging!"

Adama, to Saul Tigh, after Tigh objects to taking command of the Fleet so that Adama can wait for the base ship in a Raptor,
"That was a long time ago.  You're not the same man you were.  You're not even the same man who came back from New Caprica.  You've found out a lot about yourself, been tested in ways I can barely even begin to imagine." 
<Tigh is thinking about the fact that he is a Cylon - the look on his face is hilarious!>

Gaius Baltar, to a special friend  (lol)  aboard the base ship while chasing the Resurrection Hub,
"I can see a real hierarchy around here, and I have to tell you - you're on the lower end of the scale, my friend.  Yes you are.  Which is odd, when you think about the Cylon God.  They told you about God, didn't they?"
He continues, after the Resurrection Ship's FTL is destroyed, "Well, he's your God as well, and God doesn't want any of his creations to be slaves.  Not  'slave', exactly.  There was this dog, see, and the master had placed a bit of food on the edge of its snout.  And the dog had to wait until he was told he could eat it.  I know - pathetic.  Pathetic, isn't it?"

The Hybrid, to Laura Roslin, "To remove the pump with the attached hose and wiring, simultaneously release the three tangs while pulling the pump out of the retainer along with the line and wiring."

"Bill, you gotta scrub this mission."
"What the hell are you doing here?  You're supposed to be in the CIC."
"The Cylons will kill every godsdamn hostage before we put one pair of boots aboard their ship.  Laura Roslin will be the next to die, Bill."
"I'm looking for options.  You got one?"
"Yeah.  I should've told you when I first found out, but I didn't have the guts."
"What's wrong with you, Saul?"
"Remember back at the nebula, when I told you about that frakking music?  I thought it was in the ship.  I was wrong - it was a signal.  Some kind of crazy, frakked up Cylon signal - switched me on.  I can't turn it off."
"Switched you on..."
"Like Boomer.  I'm one of The Five."
"The Five..."
"One of the Cylons D'Anna's after."
"Quit frakking with me!  Colonel, I've known you for thirty years."
"I told you - I didn't find out until the nebula."
"Think about this - when I met you, you had hair.  I've never heard of a Cylon aging."
"Doesn't mean they don't - before the attack on the Colonies, we didn't even know skinjobs existed.  Turns out there's another kind of Cylon we didn't know about, and I'm one of them."
"On New Caprica, you were in captivity.  They did something to you - they... an implant, post-hypnotic suggestion that makes you feel this way.  Let's go talk to Doc Cottle."
"Listen to me!  It is not a delusion, it is not a chip in my head.  I am a Cylon.  I've fooled you for months now.  I didn't want to, but I did."
"Get your hands off of me."
"If I'd had the guts to airlock myself when I first found out, we wouldn't be in this mess.  But that's the way out - not this suicidal attack.  I am one of the Final Five.  D'Anna will back down if you threaten to flush me out an airlock." 

Lee,  to Saul Tigh, after landing a widowmaker on Tigh's jaw,
"You motherfrakker..."

Anders, to Starbuck,
"It's true, Kara."

Anders, to Tigh, in the airlock tube,
"This is a wild guess - you told them?"

Starbuck, to the Acting President,
"Lee!  Stop!  Stop.  Stop.  Those three frakking Cylons just gave us Earth."

Adama, to everybody,
"Crew of Galactica, people of the Fleet - this is Admiral Adama.  Three years ago, I promised to lead you to a new home.  We've endured a difficult journey. We've all lost, we've all suffered; and the truth is, I questioned whether this day would ever come.  But today, our journey is at an end.  We have arrived... at Earth." 

Laura Roslin, down on the surface,

Gaius Baltar, to Adama and Roslin,
"The thirteenth tribe was Cylon."

Petty Officer/Lieutenant Junior Grade/Executive Officer Anastasia "Dee" Dualla: 
"I remember what you told me... we had to keep the human race going, and you did."
Captain/Commander of the Air Group/Military Advisor to the President/Major/Commander/Civilian/Acting President/Vice President(?) Leland
Joseph "Lee/Apollo" Adama:  "No, we did.  I couldn't have done it without you, Dee."
"You will this time too."
"I don't know how.  I don't know what the frak I'm going to tell the Quorum.  The good news is, real estate prices are low.  Truth is, there is no happy way to spin this thing."
"So don't - tell them the truth.  That's what people need to hear, and you're the one they need to hear it from.  If anyone can give them a reason to go on, it's you... Apollo..."

Starbuck, to Leoben,
"If you've got an explanation for this, now's the time."

Adama, after the Hitei Kan  (tylium ship)  jumps away from the Fleet in response to the Cylon alliance,
"You know, there are days that I really hate this job."

Starbuck, after shooting Skulls on the hangar deck,
"I could do this all day.  Who's next?  Racetrack?  Connor?"

Tom Zarek, to Racetrack, during Gaeta's mutiny,
"Shall we save the kids?  And the attorney says  'Frak 'em.'  And the priest says, 'Do we have time?' "

Anders, after Doc Cottle asks Starbuck to make the decision concerning the operation to remove the bullet from Sam's brain,
"Wait... Why?  What?  No, the... that's not the first opening... that's not... mmm... that's not the... random... motor... that's... FRAK!  Godsdamn it!  Kara!  I'm okay.  I'm fine.  Okay?  I'm okay.  Please, don't take this away from me.  I need more time.  Okay?"

Starbuck, to the pilots in the ready room,
"Remember - the first one who sights a habitable rock will get this fine oral hygiene product.  It is the last tube of Tauron toothpaste in the universe - Gods know most of you need it."
She continues, "As you know, the mutiny has thinned our ranks.  We cannot give all you Raptor jocks back-seaters.  Savor this alone time, but do not whack too much - we need you to conserve your O2."

Kara, speaking to the imaginary piano player in the bar,
"There's this one song that he taught me - it... made me feel happy and sad all at the same time."

Saul Tigh, listening to Starbuck play the piano during the episode Someone To Watch Over Me,
"What the frak..."

Gaius Baltar, to the Fleet,
"I want to tell you a secret about myself.  Something that I have belatedly come to understand.  You see, I don't believe that God speaks to us on high through some appointed human mouthpiece.  But he does speak to us.  He speaks to each one of us directly.  In our hearts.  It is up to us to listen.  And... if you find yourself straying from the one true path, then perhaps you'll be lucky enough for God to send you an angel - to steer you in the right direction.  Angels, I hear you say.  I don't believe that angels appear to you in some mystical, spectral form.  Angels take the guise of those who are nearest and dearest to you.  Those who can understand your doubts and your trials, and steer you back on the road to salvation.  I believe in these angels, because I see them.  Wherever you are in the Fleet, this is Gaius Baltar wishing you a beautiful day."

Laura Roslin, to Adama, after asking him to open her book to page 61,
"Don't worry - Cottle won't mind.  It's medicinal."

"I'm telling you - she flew a Raider.  She learned how to control it from the inside; nobody taught her how.  Kara Thrace plucked that knowledge from the stream."
Cavil:  "I don't care if she plucked puppies from God's ass.  I've got some frakking sabotage to do here."

Adama, to Kara Thrace  (at least once an episode, sometimes twice),
"What do you hear, Starbuck?"

Adama, at least a hundred times over the course of the series, "Sometimes, you gotta roll the hard six."

Starbuck's poem on the wall in her apartment:
methodically smoking my cigarette
with every breath I breathe out the day
with every delicious sip I drink away the night
stroking my hair to the beat of his heart
watching a boy turn into a man